Application Package Downloads

To make the certification process at the Telefication portal more comfortable, application packages are available for each individual scheme. The packages contain all information and forms to finalize your application in the most efficient way.

When downloading the documentation, please fill in and upload into your private account.


  • EC-type-exam-application-package V1.4: ZIP
  • EMC-application-package V1.4: ZIP
  • MED-application-package V1.5: ZIP
  • PPE application package (Telefication) V1.7: ZIP
  • PPE application package (TASS) V1.7: ZIP
  • RED-application-package V1.12:  ZIP
  • TAL-application-package V1.4: ZIP
  • NCS 8776 application package V1.8 (Telefication): ZIP
  • NCS 8776 application package V1.6 (TASS): ZIP


  • Canada-Radio-application-package V1.5: ZIP
  • Canada-telecom-application-package-TAPAC V1.2: ZIP

United States

  • USA-radio-application-package-FCC V1.5:ZIP
  • USA-telecom-application-package-ACTA V1.4: ZIP
  • FCC-SOR-application-package V1.4: ZIP


  • Japan-radio-application-package V1.5: ZIP
  • Japan-SOR-application-package V1.4: ZIP
  • Japan-telecom-application-package V1.4: ZIP

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