Product certification

Telefication is an accredited certification body to the EN 17065. By having this accreditation Telefication has become a certification body for the RED, R&TTE, EMC, PPE, CPR, MED, FCC, IC, MIC Japan regulations. This means that in the wireless industry, Telefication is your certification body when you would like to think about short time-to-market certification.

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Complaints or recommendation for improvements

Telefication wants to make sure that you are absolutely satisfied about service performance and order execution. When you can, please recommend improvements or in case of complaints then please contact our Quality Department at or +31 (0)316 583 114.

Complaints, appeals and disputes

Information about procedures for handling complaints, appeals and disputes can be requested from our Quality Department at or +31 (0)316 583 114.

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As from June 4th Telefication now has the designation for (EU) 2016/425 for Personal Protective Equipment. The...

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