We offer you first class inspection services and we add value to your quality management of electronic equipment production.

When developing and manufacturing electronic equipment, you want the tools and facilities you use to perform correctly in order to eliminate risk and waste during production. Telefication conducts inspections on development and manufacturing processes and related aspects for example on storage in warehouses. Risk and quality management have our top priority. Our team of qualified inspection engineers look beyond functionality, including important issues like safety and environment. Besides general inspections, we also carry out batch inspections, which enable us to produce reports about the quality of the entire batch of the final product.

Support and involvement
Telefication has a team of qualified engineers helping our customers at every stage of the inspection process. Our knowledge of quality standards and our communication with the official authorities on maintenance and inspection regulations in the Netherlands and Europe (e.g. the Pressure Equipment Directive, ATEX 95 and the Machinery Directive) are invaluable to our customers.

Telefication inspection services include: market surveillance of electronic equipment and the inspection of products with alarm components, such as fire alarm and protection products. We work closely with the independent organization CertAlarm to ensure the highest possible quality and Telefication is an official partner of CertAlarm.

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