Wireless Technology

Wireless technologies, such as Internet of Things devices, Wi-Fi adapters, Bluetooth peripherals need to meet several general standards in order to be officially certified. One of these standards is the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). A product must meet the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Directive, proving that it doesn’t affect, or is affected by other products, and is being produced in the right conditions. Another directive is the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), which ensures that a product within certain voltage limits is safe and can be sold into the single market. This means that the equipment complies with the EMC requirements when it is placed on the market/and or taken into service and that the application of good engineering practice is required for fixed installations, even when competent authorities of Member States may impose measures in instances for non-compliance.

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In April 2021, the publication of the RED delegated act articles 3.3d, e and f are expected. Note...

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