Personal Protective Equipment

As well as electronic equipment and wireless technologies, Telefication offers certification services for personal protective equipment (ISO17065 accredited by the Dutch RvA), such as helmets used in sports and leisure activities such as speed-pedelec and speed biking.

All helmets need to meet the standards stated in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation and the Dutch standards stated in the Nederlandse Technische Afspraak (NTA) 8776. These requirements have been developed under the supervision of the so called Nederlandse Norm (NEN). A helmet that meets the NTA 8776 requirements resembles a bicycle helmet, but is designed for higher fall speeds and protects a larger part of the head. Compared to a bicycle helmet, the helmet with a NTA 8876 certificate offers more protection for the temples and the back of the head.

Moreover, when introduced to the market, a helmet needs to meet the requirements stated in the European standard EN 1077 for head protection and the EN 1078, for pedal cyclists and for users of skateboard and roller skates.

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