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In order to ensure inter-operability and reliability of smart cards, MasterCard has introduced a mandatory Card Quality Management (CQM) program for vendors and their clients. Using this program, significantly reduces the number of requests for replacement MasterCards. The CQM program has been developed by MasterCard in cooperation with numerous industrial partners. Telefication is a single entry point for qualification of the MasterCard smart card. Card components and end products (completed cards) receive a quality label, as proof that the products comply with the CQM requirements and standards. The quality label is a MasterCard vendor requirement.

Telefication’s team of experienced consultants can help you with issues related to integrated circuits (IC) production, module production, (smart) card production and personalization. Telefication offers a full scope of certification services in order to obtain the CQM label from MasterCard in three main phases:

  1. Contracting between vendor and MasterCard;
  2. Consulting the pre audit, including CQM documents, analysis and follow up actions;
  3. Assigning by MasterCard, including the quality label.

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