Marine Equipment Directive Module D/F/G

Development and production processes for maritime equipment contains several modules requiring certification in order to assure a safe and reliable working method, according to the Marine Equipment Directive (MED).

MED module D
Module D is the Production Quality Assurance (PQA) conformity assessment procedure for high volume production. The purpose of this assessment procedure is to ensure that the final product is the same as the reference product. This reference is a certified product that meets the standards and essential requirements. Another assessment procedure is based on the technical documentation where all relevant information is stored in a file. In both assessment procedures a Declaration of Conformity to Type document is created, and signed by the applicant, stating that the products are equal to the reference.

Where various different products are being produced, for every product type there must be a reference and a Declaration of Conformity to Type. The Declaration of Conformity to Type is the link between the quality system and the reference.

The PQA is a conformity assessment procedure that can be part of the compliance program, for example the European Marine Equipment Directive.

MED Module F
In the case of low volume production or small batches where there are no strict quality system requirements, Module F is applicable. Here the manufacturer has the choice for Telefication to verify compliance with the requirements of the international instruments. This is done by either examining and testing every product, or by using statistical methods, for example using samples.

MED Module G
When equipment is produced individually or in extremely low volumes, Module G is applicable. This procedure can also be used for prototypes of newly developed equipment for which series production is not yet envisaged.

Under the Unit verification, each individually produced product will be subject to a full EC type-examination procedure by Telefication. By following this procedure, each individual product is assessed to ensure compliance with the relevant requirements of the international instruments.

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