Factory Production Control

Every factory production run needs to comply with the procedures of the European Construction Products Regulations (CPR) 305/2011/EC. This requires a conformity assessment procedure. The scope of the CPR is to ensure reliable information on construction products in relation to their performance. This is achieved by providing a “common technical language”, offering uniform assessment methods of the performance of construction products. The CPR lays down conditions for the placing or making available on the market of construction products by establishing harmonized rules on how to express the performance of construction products in relation to their essential characteristics and on the use of CE marking on those products. Telefication is a CPR Notified Test Laboratory for products defined by Decision 96/577/EC.

Factory Production Control (FPC) in practice
Factory Production Control (FPC) is the permanent control of production exercised by the manufacturer. All the elements, requirements and provisions adopted by the manufacturer are documented in a systematic way containing written policies and procedures. This production control system documentation ensures a common understanding and conformity evaluation. It enables checking the required product characteristics and the effective operation of the production control systems. FPC brings together operational techniques and measures that allows the maintenance and control of the conformity of the product with its technical specifications. The manufacturer establishes documents and maintains a FPC system to ensure that the products placed on the market conform to the stated performance characteristics and the samples of the type testing.

Where subcontracting takes place, the manufacturer keeps the overall control of the production to ensure that they receive all the information necessary to fulfil their responsibilities according to the European Standard in question.

Initial inspection of the factory and the factory production control
During the initial inspection of the factory, besides the information regarding identification and documentation of the manufacturing process, information about factory production control of the products is also gathered. Telefication has a checklist for conducting the inspection of the factory.

Surveillance of factory production control
During the surveillance, the documentation regarding factory production control will be checked to ensure continuing compliance with the provisions of the technical specification. Data from the initial inspection will be compared to the collected data from the last inspection to see if there has been made progress or improvements.

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