Kiwa Telefication issues RED certificate to Concrefy’s Concremote 2.0 sensor

June 17, 2019 10:53

Kiwa Telefication has recently issued the RED certificate to Dutch concrete innovator Concrefy for it’s Concremote 2.0 sensor. Concremote is a real-time information system that provides both builders and concrete manufacturers with vital information on concrete maturity and environmental conditions. The RED certificate enables Concrefy to market Concremote 2.0 in Europe.

The Concremote 2.0 sensor is Concrefy’s latest innovation in the field of real-time concrete information systems. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) and mobile network technologies, it connects data obtained by on premise sensoring to a web portal, enabling concrete professionals to view data, make forecasts or simulate different scenarios. Concremote can be used to control production equipment, open casings mechanically, manage climate controls and operate cooling and heating containers on location simulated, thus promoting safety and quality and saving time and costs.

Concrefy developed the Concremote 2.0 in close collaboration with Amsterdam based ‘smart electronic solutions’ provider Betronic. For testing and certification Concrefy turned to Kiwa Telefication. The testing experts of Kiwa Telefication subjected the Concremote 2.0 to tests in the field of radio compliance, electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety. This led to the issuing of the RED certificate for the European market. Certification for the United States (FCC) and Canada (ISED) is in the works, as are plans to certify the Concremote 2.0 for markets with a booming building industry, such as Asia and the Emirates.

More information
If you want to know more about the Conremote 2.0 sensor, please check the Concrefy website. For more information on radio testing and the RED certificate you can contact Kiwa Telefications Rick Wesselink ( or +31 88 998 36 39).

From left to right: Rick Wesselink (Kiwa Telefication), Erik van Eeden and Johan Vonk from Betronic and Concrefy’s Toine van Casteren, Camiel Berkers, Erik Verhoeven and Gerard Drost.