Kiwa Telefication is increasing its activities

June 11, 2019 13:17

Product certification according to the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU

Certification of radio equipment and fire resistant materials and products: is there any relation?

At first sight you would not think so. Nevertheless Kiwa experts on both fields found each other and started a cooperation that led to an interesting increase of our service portfolio.

Kiwa Telefication is an accredited and designated notified body for the certification of radio equipment, including products within the scope of the European Marine Equipment Directive (MED).

The Unit Plastics & Hygienic Aspects is active in the certification of plastic and rubber products for diverse application. Increasingly also for fire resistant materials and for fire resistant pipe and cable penetrations on ships and in the offshore.

Kiwa Telefication and Kiwa Nederland joined hands and succeeded to increase the accreditation and notified body status of Kiwa Telefication. As Kiwa Telefication we are able now to issue MED certificates for the mentioned fields of applications.

The first MED certificate already has been published for the Dutch company Beele Engineering and several applications are running.