A step forward in Certification

October 4, 2015 18:15

Dear valued customer,

It is already 10 years ago that Telefication made his first step in automation of the certification process for FCC, IC, CE and MIC Japan. By automatic uploading, filling and issuing certificates, lead-times decreased dramatically from 1 week to a couple of days. Telefication BV was the pioneer in increasing the efficiency.

Although the amount of radio devices has grown in the recent years the system called CP was able to cope with the projects. By reorganizing and setting up the Telefication Taiwan division also the manpower has been available to cope with the projects.

However in 10 years systems need to be continuously updated. Time is changing and the digital network does have more potentials which does need to be used.

Clients request more up to date information, online uploading, status of their project, shorter lead-times etc. etc. etc.

This is why I can proudly present the NEW Certification Programme which will be online October 5th 2015 AND the ONLY way for uploading your projects from that date. What we offer as from upcoming Monday October 5th:

  • Your own private secure portal from the online web. Only visible for you!
  • A central online mailing archive.
  • Online RF-100 application form filling with customer dedicated address book for returning certificate holders. (make filling forms more efficient)
  • Online drag and drop files to your folders in specified folders.
  • More efficient throughput. -Worldwide project handling by our assessors.
  • Shorter lead-times!

And this is all accessible at our new website www.telefication.com Please find our guideline to the new CP in our next pages. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Michel Wouters van den Oudenweijer, Managing Director Telefication Certification 

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