Our Philosophy

The invention of electronic equipment and wireless technologies, such as mobile phones, smart TVs and navigation systems has introduced new ways of connecting and communicating that affect our daily lives. Every day new products and systems are developed, created and built based on electronic and wireless technology. Before introducing them to the market, these products and systems need to be tested, approved and certified to ensure quality and safety in use. As an independent accreditation organisation, we provide testing, approval and certification of products worldwide. We make sure that electronic equipment and wireless technologies destined for the market is reliable, safe and meets the necessary standards. We also support customers with testing and certification for new or changed standards, laws and regulations.

Mission statement
Telefication promotes acceptance of electronic equipment and wireless technologies around the world by providing testing, inspection, certification and intermediary services. Ambitious, Reliable and Engaged.

We provide clients from the electronic equipment industry with the product certification, quality system certification and product inspection by means of low cost, short lead-times and continuous high quality service.

As Telefication we stand for the following values:

  • Customer Focus
    • We will always put health and safety first
    • We treat all customers, colleagues and members of the public with courtesy and respect
    • We are committed to delivering our services to the highest standards in a professional manner
    • We are always respectful, polite and presentable
  • Ambitious:
    • We will always train our staff to the highest industry standards
    • We are committed to the ongoing development of our team members to ensure our status at the forefront of the industry
    • We will endeavour to develop all opportunities
    • We aim to be the employer of choice in our sector
    • Growth is the goal of our business
  • Reliable
    • We are reliable and punctual
    • We deliver what we promise
    • We get it right first time
    • Quality is our reputation
  • Entrepreneurial
    • We share our knowledge through training
    • There is always a better way and we will strive to deliver it
    • We innovate to keep ourselves ahead of the field
    • We encourage creativity

So, we take CARE!

Would you like to know more about our company? Here you find our frequently asked questions. For other questions about Telefication and offer requests, please visit our contact page.

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